Project Description

EDGE is an interactive visualization that seeks to reflect the dynamism and occupation of the building by small variations in the elements of the display. The display can offer small corporate messages and different states of time through different parameters that change their appearance.

The software is still in prototype stage, waiting to be installed and tested in their final location to run after final tweaks and changes.

The application would be integrated into a project of signage from SQUADONE studio and designed to be installed on a video-wall large in reception of a large office building in Pune (India).

Final client:
Marvel realtors.

Client, concept and graphic design, :
Román Bianco, Elena Casanovas, Francesco Cusumano /

Code and interactivity, visual interpretation of design in real time:
Román Torre, Felipe L.Navarro and Oriol Pastor.

Sound FX:
Felipe L.Navarro.

Made with OpenFrameworks.

Articles: InteractiveDesign