Multimedia Engineer: Visual Arts, Interaction, Music


Soho Garden

I worked as a visual jockey for Soho Garden during more than 10 months. Soho Garden could be the best club in Dubai. I have been creating video and realtime content for the 2 venues located in Dubai, one in Meydan and the other in Palm Jumeirah. Every week the best djs in the world [...]


Iris Dubai

In June 2021 I was working for a year as a resident VJ at Iris Dubai located in Meydan, Dubai. Iris Dubai is one of the most famous venues in Dubai. I have been playing visuals for different parties and events. I played visuals for resident djs like Paul Svenson, Masha Vincente, Frederick Stone and for international djs like Denis [...]


Al Habtoor City

I'm in Dubai since September 2016. I was working as a resident VJ at BOA club located in V Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton - Al Habtoor City. At BOA club I have been playing visuals for different parties and events. I played visuals for local artists like DJ Bliss and for international artists like Drake and many more. Also during [...]


Massagran Musical

I collaborated with the Barcelona band Coral Sant Medir to prepare a Massagran musical for their 60th anniversary. Massagran is a catalan cartoon created by  Josep Maria Folch i Torres very famous like Tintin or Asterix is around Europe. His stories has been published in 15 books and some episodes in national TV. I prepared the visual part of the [...]


Digital Hollywood University

I came back to Japan in 2015 and collaborated with some Digital Hollywood University students and the company Visionica from Tokyo. I stayed in Tokyo during 3 months collaborating with them to prepare a projection mapping project for the first edition of the festival Tokyo Projection Mapping Award that was on the 26th of March in 2016 at Tokyo Big Sight. [...]


Wedding cake

Projection mapping over a 3d model wedding cake. I designed the structure of a 3d model cake for a wedding celebration and projected over it. I used two projectors in a vertical position with a fullHD resolution, one projector for each side of the structure. This was the best option for the physical space and for the [...]



EDGE is an interactive visualization that seeks to reflect the dynamism and occupation of the building by small variations in the elements of the display. The display can offer small corporate messages and different states of time through different parameters that change their appearance. The software is still in prototype stage, waiting to be installed [...]


MEDI-ARTz festival

I was finalist of the international 1minute Projection Mapping competition that organize Projection Mapping Association of Japan for the MEDI-ARTz festival in Zushi, Japan. My videomapping project "WA", was one of the 16 works selected for the 3rd edition of the festival. I had a great experience being part of the MEDI-ARTz festival with all the media [...]


MOT festival

The MOT is a national reference literary festival organized by the city of Girona and Olot. It is held every year during the month of April and its identifying feature excellence in speakers and proposals. Every year the festival chooses a topic that serves thread for editing and has a program of events literary hand [...]


Mapping Liger

Projection mapping over a liger's model with Rotor Studio, Gnomalab and Andaluza de Videomapping for CEV school during El saló de l'Ensenyament in La fira, Barcelona. In addition to prepare the 2D and 3D video template, I did some visual content and code the DMX lights in Processing for the eyes of the liger. We used Millumin to control [...]



I collaborated with Giovanni-Marco Zaccaria and Stratofyzika, an international, interdisciplinary collective whose aim is to research audio, visuals, interactive technologies and movement to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience in live performance. The collective launched a crowdfunding to get economical support for a research at l'Estruch in Sabadell (Barcelona) about interplay between physical movement, acoustics and lights/images through the use [...]


Mira festival 2013

I participated in a panel discussion about videomapping at MIRA Lab. MIRA Lab is an event dedicated to the research of new ways of live shows in music and visual arts using the creative programming and disruptive technology. MIRA Lab is an international event for artists, developers, curators, agencies and public working with creative technology for performances, shows and visual arts in [...]


BCN Beats

Capture and visualize everything that happens in Barcelona, ​​allowing the user to explore the concept of 'hybrid city'. The idea came from the hackathon weekend in Barcelona (Catalunya Dades Weekend), in the context of Big Data Week 2013. People from Outliers took information from Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter, Bicing and Traffic and the visual outcome was [...]