Project Description

I was finalist of the international 1minute Projection Mapping competition that organize Projection Mapping Association of Japan for the MEDI-ARTz festival in Zushi, Japan. My videomapping project “WA”, was one of the 16 works selected for the 3rd edition of the festival. I had a great experience being part of the MEDI-ARTz festival with all the media artists and staff. It was amazing saw the videomapping competition and test great audiovisual installations of talented artists like Io Nishimura, Shuhei Matsuyama and others. It was really impressive the Taiko show of GOCOO+GoRo×神田サオリ with Colo GraPhonic. During the festival, many visitors from Zushi and surrounding areas like Kamakura or Yokohama visit the festival. Just to see the projection mapping competition there were more than 1800 tickets sold out. It was very nice to see all the staff and city involved during the festival days. I’ll come back really soon. I’m happy in Japan.