Project Description

I participated in a panel discussion about videomapping at MIRA Lab.

MIRA Lab is an event dedicated to the research of new ways of live shows in music and visual arts using the creative programming and disruptive technology.

MIRA Lab is an international event for artists, developers, curators, agencies and public working with creative technology for performances, shows and visual arts in real time.

For three days, participants will be involved in workshopscompetitionstalksscreenings,presentations and innovative activities to learn, show, share and enjoy the marriage of art and technology. It pretends to arrive a bit further with innovative activities to promote face-to-face,personal relationships and work exchangebetween all the agents involved in the creative industry.

MIRA Lab will be held in the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB), one of the most visited exhibition and arts centers in the city of Barcelona.

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