Project Description

I collaborated with Giovanni-Marco Zaccaria and Stratofyzika, an international, interdisciplinary collective whose aim is to research audio, visuals, interactive technologies and movement to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience in live performance.

The collective launched a crowdfunding to get economical support for a research at l’Estruch in Sabadell (Barcelona) about interplay between physical movement, acoustics and lights/images through the use of wearable interactive technologies.

After days of research, the dancer Hen Lovely Bird was able to test interactive wearables with accelerometers and gyroscopes sensors builded by Giovanni-Marco. We recieved the values from the sensors in real time by wifi and interacted with my visuals. The creative code of the visuals was in Processing and inspired by the piece Trinity of Oscar Sol.

It was amazing see the results. The white and black circle and the particles reactived with the movements and the intensity of the dancer. It was my second experience working with code and dancers.