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Massagran Musical

I collaborated with the Barcelona band Coral Sant Medir to prepare a Massagran musical for their 60th anniversary.

Massagran is a catalan cartoon created by  Josep Maria Folch i Torres very famous like Tintin or Asterix is around Europe. His stories has been published in 15 books and some episodes in national TV.

I prepared the visual part of the musical and […]



EDGE is an interactive visualization that seeks to reflect the dynamism and occupation of the building by small variations in the elements of the display. The display can offer small corporate messages and different states of time through different parameters that change their appearance.
The software is still in prototype stage, waiting to be installed and […]

Mira festival 2014


I was part of the visual production in Mira festival 2014 with the media artist Xarlene and Mediaflow software.

During some weeks we plan the visual stage of the festival with Ferran Artigues, have contact with visual artists with the visual booker Marc Gomariz and decide the projectors and lenses with Daniel Collado of Epson Spain.

This year edition we build […]


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I collaborated with Giovanni-Marco Zaccaria and Stratofyzika, an international, interdisciplinary collective whose aim is to research audio, visuals, interactive technologies and movement to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience in live performance.

The collective launched a crowdfunding to get economical support for a research at l’Estruch in Sabadell (Barcelona) about interplay between physical movement, acoustics and lights/images through the use of […]